Media Promotions has an extensive range of options for sampling your products with various magazines.

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We also pack and prepare

Showbags for special events!


Product Exposure

We currently enjoy strong relations with all major magazines whereby we source product samples for distribution with demographically suitable magazines.

The samples are displayed  either within a sample bag, via a cover-mount, magazine insert or tip-on.

Most commonly the magazine with your samples attached will be displayed as a special promotion in major supermarkets and retailers.

Our media relationships also include Network Ten among others to broaden the spectrum of avenues and consumer demographics available to our clients.

We aim to match your products with the best media opportunities ensuring your samples hit their target audience.


Sampling Schedules

To discuss our current campaigns and be kept informed of upcoming sampling opportunities contact us today.

Sample Bags

A standard sample bag contains 7-10 products. If possible, complementary products are placed together to suit the target demographic. Further to this, we also aim to provide you exclusivity for your type of product.

Not only can you choose which magazines you would like your product associated with, you can also choose preferred distribution outlets (eg. newsagents and supermarkets) and coverage (eg. national or selected states).

Value-added Sampling

Our programs involve leading brands from TV and print media, meaning your product sample is never offered simply as a "freebie". Consumers must make some form of purchase before trialling the product, leading to high-quality targeted consumers.

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